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Cork OakCork Oak (Q.Suber)      

A very hardy evergreen tree that suite most of SA's conditions, a medium grower that enjoys full sun.
Will later produce cork as a by-product.

Truffle Variety


English OakEnglish Oak (Q.Robur) 

This deciduous tree is extremely tough and drought tolerant and does well in sun and semi shade areas.
Also very frost tolerant for colder areas below -8C.

Truffle Variety


Chestnut OakChestnut Oak (Q. Prinus) 
This evergreen tree is a fast grower which is very hardy and drought tolerant.
It has a large broad leaf and can grow most of SA's climate, except water logged soils.

Truffle Variety


Sawtooth OakSawtooth Oak (Q. Acutissima) 
This semi-evergreen tree is extremely hardy and one of the fastest grown oaks.
Very good drought and frost tolerance. The acorns are loved by Turkeys.
Suits all SA climates, from very cold to dry conditions.

Truffle Variety


Pecan nutPecan nut (C. Illinoinensis)
This deciduous nut bearing tree is a fast grower with extreme drought tolerance and the ability to host truffles.
It is still unknown if European truffles fruit on their roots, but well known to carry American truffles.
Baboons can damage these trees. Suits all SA climates.

Truffle Variety


Hazelnut Hazelnut (C. Avellana)
This deciduous nut bearing tree is hardy and able to grow in most climates if cared for correctly.
Not as drought tolerant, would require some care, however this tree is amazing and known to bear truffles sooner
than other variety of trees.

Truffle Variety


Hazelnut LargeLarge 15L bag Trees (2-3 year old saplings)
Only available in Perigord (T. melanosporum)
Length: 1.2m - 2m / Weight: 8 - 10 Kg
All trees are infected with truffle at an early stage and kept in excellent condition with thriving mycorrhizal root systems.
These trees will start producing sooner after transplant.

Truffle Variety


All the trees are supplied with full planting instructions, a tree protector and a certificate.
Our trees are of very high quality

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